Weytour is an international company dedicated solely to unite couples, regardless of the distance. Our service is aimed at people without a partner searching for a Latin lady for a serious relationship.

Weytour performes major operations in the Dominican Republic, since there is a high level of interest in Latin ladies to marriage a gentlemen from others countries. For this reason we decided to settle in this country in order to provide our customers a guarantee that the profiles are real, and refined by our team professionals. We are in the process of installing others locations in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, besides others countries in Latin America.

We have great credibility among the ladies who demand such services, and this is thanks to our reliability and professionalism in our personalized assistance and a team in each area available.

Lenave Holdings Limited
84 Spyrou Kiprianou Avenue Limassol 4004,
Republic of Cyprus.
P: +1(239)206-2403
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